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Creative Director

Designory/A TBWA Agency


• Led Creative on Nissan (and Infiniti) accounts for five years
• Won Digital Agency Of Record pitch for Websites, including products and various campaigns
• Grew team from seven people to >100; integral to exponential revenue growth

The Story

When I joined the Omnicom/TBWA agency Designory, I was our most senior digital-focused guy, and headed up a small team of seven. The agency had a longstanding relationship with Nissan, designing printed collateral – primarily car brochures – for years. With the brand relationship strong and product knowledge a strength, we set about the task of growing a digital practice. (File that idea under "Careful what you wish for").

And grow we did. For a short time, slowly. Then at a staggering (and long-sustained) pace. As we unseated the incumbent agency to take over the maintenance and creative of Nissan's live sites (for both Nissan and Infiniti), staffing and revenue grew quickly. After we won the pitch for full redesigns and ownership/maintenance of both the Nissan and Infiniti brands (Note: See the Infiniti case study here), things transitioned from moving quickly to moving at hold-on-for-your-life speed. Our little team was now over 100. Revenue had increased tenfold and the volume of work was equal parts exciting and daunting. And the pace held for the next few years. 

By the time I decided it was time to move on to new opportunities, we'd completed four major brand site redesigns (two Nissan, two Infiniti), dozens of product updates and/or microsites, numerous sales event, and tons of digital campaigns – some in partnership with TBWA\Chiat Day, and some on our own. 

Running a team for five years on such an intense and demanding account was an incredible experience. My good friend and former partner there, Meg Crabtree, sums up my time thusly: 

"...When I look back at what (Dave) accomplished, it's astounding. The workload alone would have wiped out most people. Dave not only withstood, he lead -- with ingenuity, vision and balance... 

From the standpoint of creative leadership, Dave was almost single-handedly responsible for ensuring our company's early interactive success."

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