• ADDY Awards Silver
• Web Marketing Association's Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) - Outstanding Websites
• W3 Awards, Gold
• Highly favorable review on SiteIQ

Senior Creative Director
Creative Lead on the account for 2 years



• Served on the Intel account for two years leading Creative for Intel's digital B2C marketing
• Set new standards for marketing an ingredient brand and presenting technology products to the consumer
• Created a huge, consumer-focused Web experience 
• Led campaigns for new product launches, partnerships, consumer participation events, and cross-agency initiatives

The Story

As one of the greatest technology brands in the world, Intel faced an tricky challenge in the last few years: When ALL of your products have become so good, how do you convince consumers that the processor still matters? Over the two years that I served as Senior Creative Director on the account, that was always a primary task. 

And it wasn't easy. As makers of objects that most people never see or touch, Intel is the very definition of an ingredient brand. And therein lies the point. Ask the people behind a luxury car brand. Or someone from a craft beer or top shelf bourbon. Ingredients DO matter. Manufacturing excellence DOES matter. And a better ingredient – in this case, the processor – makes a better computer.

To go about forwarding this cause, we stepped in as Intel's digital agency, handling the consumer market. The marketing cornerstone was the Intel Consumer Website (later renamed the "Play" site, in contrast to the B2B-focused "Work" site). 

I could tell you all about it, but I'll step aside and let the good folks from the technology and business website, SiteIQ, take it from here. Shortly after we launched, they reviewed the site in a post titled "Intel.com delivers a stunning new product marketing best practice". A few quotes:

"...Intel.com has truly revolutionized how a site can be used to educate visitors and lead them through the product discovery, selection and shopping processes."

"Although there’s much, much more to this launch than Intel.com’s savvy use of videos, there’s no doubt this is the breakthrough best practice that shouldn’t be missed."

"And what’s the net effect of this video journey? By the time you finish listening and learning, you’ve made enough logical selections to shop for Intel-based products … From start to finish, it’s a 5 minute journey. From an online product marketing perspective, it’s a million miles ahead."

"Intel.com gets a huge thumbs up for pushing on the product marketing envelope. Through its savvy videos, it has succeeded in taking a product misunderstood by zillions and has woven it into digital gold. If Intel.com can do this for a piece of silicon that is invisible to users, just think about what the rest of the IT industry could do."

Aw, shucks. Thanks. 

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