• Created a Personal Preference Center for users to customize their Nike digital experience
• Created a mobile Web soccer trivia challenge to coincide with the World Cup and to support their soccer boot lines

The Story

Ask just about anyone who does what I do for a living what brands they admire, and you're almost certain to hear Nike. It's certainly on my list. And of course, you don't become one of the top brands in the world by accident. The Nike clients believe in their brand strongly, as well they should. There's an undeniable commitment that I found inspiring. They know how important a strong brand is, which is one of the reasons any Nike marketing endeavor is so comprehensive.

That notion of fully committing to an idea and doing so in a comprehensive manner is a belief that we shared with Nike, and used as we worked on one of our key projects for them: the Nike Personal Preference Center. We knew that creating an experience was not enough – we needed to create experiences that reflected the spirit of the brand clearly. The Personal Preference Center at its core is a tool for customers to manage what types of Nike sports, products, and events they're interested in, to help make their digital Nike experience as relevant as possible. It's a simple idea, and for a brand that isn't as passionate as Nike, it could've been a very mundane one.

But that wouldn't be suitable for a Nike experience. So we created a concept that leveraged the world of sport and the visual aesthetic of Nike's flagship retail stores. Each customer was able to customize his or her Nike digital experience through a rich metaphor of sport. The resulting creative was very well received, because we committed to the idea and the brand.

I've always believed strongly that the details matter. Anything that is consumer-facing is a brand opportunity. It's tremendously rewarding to work with brands like Nike that share that approach. 

Before I worked with Nike, like millions of others, I was a fan. When I got the opportunity to work with them and visit their headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, I was immediately blown away by the surroundings and the tangible representation of their brand everywhere you looked. It was pretty awesome. Of course it was – it's Nike.

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