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Creative Director

Designory/A TBWA Agency


• Led Creative on Infiniti (and Nissan) accounts for five years
• Won Digital Agency Of Record pitch for Websites, including products and various campaigns
• Grew team from seven people to >100; integral to 15x revenue growth

The Story

(Note: The Infiniti brand account followed the same trajectory as that of our Nissan work. My Nissan case study talks about the rapid ascension of the account, all of which applies to Infiniti, as well. You can see it here.)

When I started working on Infiniti, some of the brands that they competed with directly were brands that had clearly-defined identities, like BMW/performance or Mercedes-Benz/luxury. Infiniti's call-to-arms was a little less defined. The product line, however, was quickly becoming very exciting. The FX and G Coupe had recently hit the market, and their respective designs were amazing. In many ways, the brand was starting to carve out its own turf to own: design. With the cars leading the way, we were thrilled to help plant the brand flag around the belief that high-end design delivers a more premium experience. 

As design became the hallmark of the brand, it quickly became clear that our work needed to be about using visuals to tell the story. So we went all-in on incredible photography with an artistic, almost jewel-like aesthetic. Sometimes Creatives feel the ned to use elaborate presentations, often to compensate for the fact that the products aren't that interesting. The Infiniti account was the opposite. The raw materials we had at our disposal were consistently stunning. To let the product shine, we essentially kept the stage as clear as possible, and just positioned the car as the star.

During my five years leading digital creative for the account, we launched two major website redesigns, numerous product sites, and campaign experiences. In every instance, the design of the vehicles was kept at the forefront.

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