• Creative oversight on account for a year
• Led unique experiences for all FX Networks' shows within overall digital platform

The Story

Brands with multiple, varied IP – like a TV network – have a difficult challenge: How do you allow for enough individual expression from show to show while preventing a maintenance (and deployment, and economic) nightmare?

FX Networks certainly is one such brand. You've got the gritty biker gang drama, "Sons Of Anarchy" sitting in contrast to the absurdly funny "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia". Or the awkwardly comical meanderings of Louis C.K. in "Louie" juxtaposed with the smart and hilarious animated spy agency send-up, "Archer". To be sure, FX Networks is a parent brand that needs much more than a one-size-fits-all solution.

As FX's digital agency we designed a template system that provided a consistent skeletal structure. This system allowed FX to have an ownable format that was easy and very cost-effective to deploy for any of the their shows. The system wouldn't have worked, however, if not for the high degree of customization built in. Every show gets it own visual design to align with its overall marketing. Ours is not a solution that is based on just dropping in a piece of key art. We go all-in for the aesthetics of each show, from the primary hero graphics all the way to the look and feel of the buttons.

And for the Tier 1 shows, we also created numerous concepts unique to each particular show. From a map and walking tour of Louis C.K.'s favorite New York hangouts for "Louie", to a visual chronology of noteworthy American crimes for "Justified", to aggregated Fantasy Football information for "The League". 

Lastly, we made sure that our platform was highly social media enabled. Shows like "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia", "Archer", and "Sons Of Anarchy" are hugely popular and have very passionate fan bases. So we built one of the first Twitter and Facebook experiences in the space and implemented a hashtag strategy years before it became commonplace. 

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