2013 Appy Award Winner, Sports Category

Executive Creative Director



• Partnered with the NHL to create the NHL GameCenter app
• App includes live-game simulation and a vast selection of video highlights
• For tablet and smartphone, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry

The Story

When we partnered with the National Hockey League to build a new version of their live-game app, NHL GameCenter, our team took inspiration from the relentless action and speed of the games. For our app, goals, assists, and penalties wouldn't be nearly enough.

We're dealing with elite, highly-trained athletes here. On skates. Jumping in and out of the game without even pausing. So we focused on speed, and providing the most comprehensive simulation possible. We were able to go so far as to simulate the details of the line changes that happen in a nearly non-stop manner throughout the course of every game. 

When designing the experience, we needed to serve two distinct use cases: First, deliver a customizable, rich experience for those that can't watch the game live or on TV. The real-time game simulation and video highlights set a pretty high standard for a "next best thing" experience. Second, provide a strong second-screen experience for those that are simultaneously watching on TV – or live at an arena. With the ability to radically customize the content, users can tailor the app to deliver exactly the companion content they want.

When we were done, we had one of the best game simulation apps in the market, and won the Appy Awards Sports Category along the way.

And to top it all off, just a couple weeks after we kicked off the partnership with the NHL, my beloved Los Angeles Kings won their first Stanley Cup. Coincidence, you say? Look, you tell the story your way, I'll tell it mine.

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