Meg Crabtree, Creative Director, Designory/a TBWA Company

“I worked with Dave during a critical period for our company. He was the most senior interactive creative when The Designory, until then a purely collateral shop, dove headlong into the digital realm. When I look back at what he accomplished, it's astounding. The workload alone would have wiped out most people. Dave not only withstood, he lead -- with ingenuity, vision and balance. The team loved him. The client loved him (Dave absolutely rocks client presentations). And through it all, including a Nissan site redesign on a hair-raising schedule, Dave stayed true to both the creative and business missions. He also stayed funny. (You need a sense of humor if you're a Broncos fan.) From the standpoint of creative leadership, Dave was almost single-handedly responsible for ensuring our company's early interactive success.”