• Effie Awards, Winner
Cited by Forbes for marketing best practices at SXSW

Executive Creative Director



• Led creative with a team of ~40 team members across five offices
• Exponential revenue growth during two years as ECD
• Led concepting for consumer engagement and retention ideas spanning mobile, events, social media, and web.

The Story

In the two years I served as ECD on the Samsung account at Rosetta, it transitioned from being a "new" account to becoming "THE" account at breakneck pace. During that time, our design team cranked out social media posts, images, renderings, and infographics, generating an immense amount of creative product. Our video and motion graphics teams created videos for online, trade shows, events, and in-store, featuring Samsung's latest products and features. And our conceptual team that ran the Loyalty and Retention program was a non-stop machine, generating one big idea after another to connect with consumers in new, meaningful ways. 

One such example was a program we deployed at SXSW in 2013. We saturated Austin with posters, each embedded with a digital chip. Samsung users were instructed to tap their phones (Samsungs only – iPhones wouldn't work!) against the poster to receive a digital voucher for a free prize. 11 different prizes like a free piece of pizza or ice cream were redeemable within immediate proximity to the poster – and they were a hit! 

But the big prize came at the end of SXSW. For those who unlocked all 11 prizes, they were awarded the opportunity to see a free, private concert by Prince. User engagement was huge, as was social media buzz. Forbes picked up on our program, and listed it as Number 1 in an article about marketing best practices from SXSW.

It's just one example of our belief that loyalty and retention can (should) be about experiences that convert customers into fans. 


Ask Me About:

Running all over Austin to monitor/maintain/assist the SXSW program however we could.